BITTMANN applied technologies

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BITTMANN applied technologies
Matthias Bittmann, Dipl. Phys.
Hirtenweg 54a
27356 Rotenburg (Wmme)

Tel. +49 4261 961805

Recondition & Refit

In contrast to consumer products which are very often subject to frequent changes and short life cycles, industrial production equipment has a much longer service life. In many cases a technology gap persists of at least two decades which besides other reasons are caused by the time required to return the invested capital.RIE800_HP It is near at hand to keep production equipment as long as possible in a serviceable condition. In general many of the core components remained unchanged in terms of constructional features. They may be reused and given birth to new service life. What changes are the accessories: components like actuators, sensors, controls and indicators. In former days huge racks were necessary to accommodate all the meters, switches, controllers, displays, cables etc.. As an example a vacuum measurement formerly required a sensor head and a dramatically inflated analog control equipment whereas nowadays a single unimpressive black box with a 5V digital output mounted on a flange does the whole job with even enhanced accuracy.

Regardless the advantages of latest technology, it is not always imperative to put the old school equipment to the scrap heap. Did not done a rigid old TTL-logic the same job as a latest dual-core Pentium when it comes to simply switch 3 or 4 valves and read 1 or 2 trip points via a couple of 741's?

If you want to stay with your old system, we can keep it running. If you need more performance or more handling comfort and safety, let us know, we can upgrade.