BITTMANN applied technologies

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BITTMANN applied technologies
Matthias Bittmann, Dipl. Phys.
Hirtenweg 54a
27356 Rotenburg (Wmme)

Tel. +49 4261 961805

Automation & Control


  • Have equipment in use, but the manufacturer who can do maintenance and service is no longer in the business ...
  • Perceived a great opportunity to buy a second hand machinery from a global dealer but it wont work as you expected ...
  • Equipment needs replacement parts but are hard to find...
  • Need a modification or an improvement of your gear ...
  • Have requirement for specific equipment ...

... In all these cases and a many more we may come into play to give you the right assistance.

In the course of the refurbishment a suitable occasion exists to replace obsolete discrete TTL or CMOS based PL-Controllers. New technology in automation and control is employed with PC-based or stand-alone controller solutions. Signal and data acquisition hardware can be maintained or replaced with new OEM hardware.

Software code is provided which retains the original functionality but offers the advantages of a modern looking GUI. Optionally, OEM control front panels can be reused in cases where no advanced GUI is required.
BeckhoffSPS ZT8830_HP

state of the art vs. absolete CPU


PE4450 Sputtering System     Retrofit Controls                                      

PE4450Soft-SPS based on Beckhoff fieldbus system.