BITTMANN applied technologies

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BITTMANN applied technologies
Matthias Bittmann, Dipl. Phys.
Hirtenweg 54a
27356 Rotenburg (Wümme)

Tel. +49 4261 961805

Computational Analysis

Support for structural mechanics and material physics tasks.

Structural static impacts on materials and components such as shear and tensile stresses, bends or torsions can be simulated in an ideal way using the FE analysis.

The body shape, which must be in the form of a CAD drawing, is approximated by single simple geometric elements such as triangles, bars, or prisms. For these finite elements, corresponding partial differential equations can be calculated with the given boundary conditions in a manner approximating and modeled with the influencing forces. The material properties are taken into account by the respective modules. Deformation or fracture of the component is thus easily detected by means of a color scale representing the stress distribution in the body.

In the design, the FE analysis is a valuable tool because it already shows its structural properties during the design of components and enables immediate optimization. Comprehensive and cost-intensive mechanical test procedures can thus be reduced to a minimum or completely saved.

The FE analyzes are especially important for model approvals and certifications.

In view of the increasing number of suppliers within a product group and the resulting enormous price pressure, it is crucial for companies to maintain or recapture the existing competitive advantage through cost reduction and rationalization.

Bittmann Applied Technologies is your partner in dealing with structural-mechanical and material-physical problems.