Excellent Equipment, Service & Support

Project Management

BAT offers an efficient project management for a comprehensive project organization in the field of thin-film and semiconductor technology.

Assets & Equipment

BAT has years of experience in the procurement and search for equipment, systems and devices for vacuum thin-film and semiconductor manufacturing.
In this way we are able to exactly meet our customer’s requirements in terms of serviceability and economic efficiency


Software for industrial automation and control demand for various fieldbus applications.

CAD Engineering

In order to help secure the supply of spare parts, BAT offers a re-engineering service with excellent redesigning.

Customers trust us due to our many years of experience

Quality and customer satisfaction

is our ultimate priority

To achieve this objective we refer to sound knowledge,  reliable partnerships and innovative solution approaches.

Everything we do is accompanied by a high level of precision and accuracy.  most promising equipment and systems paired with our special expertise to enable customer satisfaction to the fullest.

This is us

For more than 20 years, Bittmann Applied Technologies has been known as a reliable partner
for physical process equipment of Semiconductor and Thin-Film industries.
Our name stands for competence, perfection, strength and sympathy.

Customer reviews

Pricing plans

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$ 110 Monthly
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