Last references

An overview of a selection of the numerous projects that have been launched in recent years. It shows a picture of the scope of our work and the bandwidth of  our capabilities.

Oxford RIE800

Complete refurbishment, installation at the University of German Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg.

Integrated Beckhoff terminal adapter with Soft-SPS on Windows platform.

Alcatel SCM600

Delivery, installation and run-up at CEA-LITEN, Grenoble.

DC/RF-Magnetron Sputtering, 12kW Electron-beam gun

Siemens S5 SPS


Trion Phantom II RIE-ICP

Refurbishment, installation and run-up at FHG-ISIT, Itzehoe

TyStar PVD-1000 Photo-CVD

Photo-CVD coater imported from USA and installed refurbished in FHG-IAF, Freiburg.