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Software for industrial automation and control demand for various fieldbus applications.
Especially in the course of a refit, a suitable occasion exists to replace obsolete legacy TTL or CMOS based control sytems.
New technology is employed with PC-based or stand-alone controller solutions. Signal and data acquisition hardware can be maintained or even replaced with new OEM hardware.
Software code is provided which retains the original functionality but offers the advantages of a modern looking GUI.
Optionally, OEM control front panels can be reused in
cases where no advanced GUI is required.

For the development of Automation Software the following IDE’s are employed:

Visual Studio C++ , C#, C++/Cli on

  • Windows/Linux
  • Perl
  • Python

FieldBus Protocols:

  • EtherCAT
  • ModBus
  • ProfiBus
  • Ethernet/IP


  • Beckhoff
  • PC Soft-SPS