Project Management

Our project handling ensures your satisfaction.

For a comprehensive organization of a project in the field of thin-film and Semiconductor technology offers BAT an efficient project management.
The necessary tasks are carried out with the involvement of the project-relevant employees defined, the corresponding measures and the necessary activities executed. This includes a cost analysis, the selection of materials and suppliers as well as the commissioning of external service providers.
In addition, there are connections and contacts to numerous suppliers and manufacturers domestically and abroad, so that optimal solutions can be found for the respective requirements.

Typical project are of conventional nature such as:

  • Reconstruction and expansion of an existing system
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Integration of a system into a process
  • Completion from various components
  • Maintenance and repair
  • IT project
  • Electronics

In addition, pioneering projects are within the scope of capabilities. These are projects which 
have not been realized yet. A broad range of experience is available from various industries and research.
The implementation usually takes place according to conventional methods. Especially in the IT sector as well as increasingly in the technical area, an agile project management system.
(e.g. SCRUM) is trying to use.

The main approaches are:

  • Focus on project participants instead of tools and activities
  • Smooth functioning is more important than extensive documentation
  • Involving the customer in the project is more important than contract
  • Flexibility is more important than strict adherence to a plan

In summary, the advantage for the customer is the independence from individual suppliers
and an integral project handling.

Quality control of manufacturing items